Adegas Arousa

Adegas Arousa

Adegas Arousa pays tribute in its name to the famous Ria de Arousa, one of the five saline estuaries that make up the Rias Baixas. Located in the middle of the Salnes Valley the winery was created in 1999 by four young entrepreneurs, all with numerous generations of winemakers behind them, in order to increase their holdings and promote the traditional methods of wine production. And true to this day still, their classic Albarinos are what you would want and expect; saline, aromatic and incredibly refreshing - a true reflection of their varietal and terroir.


Pazo da Boucina Albarino Expresion Rias Baixas DO, Adegas Arousa

Pazo da Boucina Albarino Expresion Rias Baixas DO, Adegas Arousa

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Spain / Adegas Arousa





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Forget the light, easy-drinking Albarinos you may have had in the past - the example here is a completely different ballgame. Aged on it's lees for six months this wine does indeed still have the varietal characteristics one would expect, but with the added creamy smoothness from the lees. The palate is brimming with floral, lime, grapefruit, melon and spice flavours, as well as the trademark minerality, resulting in a full-bodied, well-structured and elegant wine.

Grape variety:
100% Albarino

Indian dishes topped with yoghurt, sushi, shellfish

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